Why Does Activepieces need data?

As a self-hosted product, gathering usage metrics and insights can be difficult for us. However, these analytics are essential in helping us understand key behaviors and delivering a higher quality experience that meets your needs.

To ensure we can continue to improve our product, we have decided to track certain basic behaviors and metrics that are vital for understanding the usage of Activepieces.

We have implemented a minimal tracking plan and provide a detailed list of the metrics collected in a separate section.

What Does Activepieces Collect?

We value transparency in data collection and assure you that we do not collect any personal information. The following events are currently being collected:

Exact Code

  1. flow.published: Event fired when a flow is published
  2. signed.up: Event fired when a user signs up
  3. flow.test: Event fired when a flow is tested
  4. flow.created: Event fired when a flow is created
  5. start.building: Event fired when a user starts building
  6. demo.imported: Event fired when a demo is imported
  7. flow.imported: Event fired when a flow template is imported

Opting out?

To opt out, set the environment variable AP_TELEMETRY_ENABLED=false