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Semantic versioning is a standardized way of versioning software projects. It uses a three-part version number in the format X.Y.Z, where:

X is the major version number, which is incremented for significant or breaking changes to the software.
Y is the minor version number, which is incremented for new features or functionality that is backwards-compatible with the previous version.
Z is the patch number, which is incremented for bug fixes and other small changes that do not add new features or break backwards compatibility.

You will only see Version X.Y here as all Patch changes (Z) are added under their minor versions.


Please upgrade your instance to ensure that you can see the latest pieces as some new pieces may not be compatible with older versions.


  • Simple Scheduler Piece (Every Hour / Every Day / Every Week / Cron Expression)
  • Loops Piece
  • Remove Accordions from Edit Step Panel

Bug Fixes:

  • New pieces version that require new version of activepieces will no longer shows.
  • Allowing multiple versions of the same piece in the flow.
  • Webhook URL is no longer truncated when it’s too long.


  • Validation pipeline to make sure version is incremented when modify existing piece.
  • Dervie the piece code name from the package name, so avoid possible bugs.

Full Changelog: https://github.com/activepieces/activepieces/compare/0.3.7…0.3.8


New Pieces:

  • OpenAI: Additional optional parameters have been added.
  • Airtable: Create Record Action.
  • Square: New Customer / Customer Updated / New Payment / New Order / Order Updated / New Booking / New Invoice Triggers.
  • Intercom: Create Contact / Create Or Get Contact / Send Message Actions.
  • Delay: An action that introduces a delay of up to 5 minutes.
  • Data Mapper: An advanced mapping action that allows mapping between two objects in a JSON editor where autocomplete is available.


  • Webhooks trigger now simulates real testing, including fetching real sample data.
  • Deploy to Easypanel documentation has been added.
  • All pieces are now versioned, ensuring that your running flows are safe from changes.
  • All pieces are now published to npm.
  • Pieces will be automatically released to the registry without new releases.

Bug Fixes:

  • Clickup: New connections no longer fail.
  • Youtube: Livestream videos no longer get triggered twice.
  • Deploy.sh script now works on MacOS.
  • Intercom: Create Contact Action / Create or Get Contact Action / Send Message Action.


  • @astorozhevsky added OpenAI additional variables.
  • @J0LGER encoded code variable in malicious redirection by third party.
  • @veverkap fixed a typo in the frontend.
  • @berksmbl documented Easy Panel deployment.
  • @kanarelo created Airtable new record.

Full Changelog: https://github.com/activepieces/activepieces/compare/0.3.6…0.3.7


Breaking Changes: The feature of having configurations in collections has been removed for the time being. However, we plan to reintroduce it in a different form at a later stage. Currently, the workaround is to have a code piece that returns the configurations and use it in other places.

New Features:

  • Gmail: New Email Trigger / Get Email Id / Search Emails
  • ClickUp: Task Created / Task Updated / Task Deleted / Task Comment posted / Task Comment Updated
  • Youtube: New Youtube Video
  • Trello: Create Card / Get Card
  • Blackbaud: Create Contacts Batch / Update Contact / Search Contact After Certain Date.
  • Branching: Condontional Branching


  • Webhooks Supports all http types.
  • Flow Canvas supports Zoom In / Out and Panning

Bug Fixes:

  • GenerateBanners: docs are fixed now.


  • @kanarelo created gmail & clickup triggers.
  • @abaza738 created youtube trigger
  • @ShayPunter created trello

Full Changelog: https://github.com/activepieces/activepieces/compare/0.3.5…0.3.6


Version 0.3.5

New Features:

  • GenerateBanner: This feature allows users to generate an image from a template.
  • OpenAI: The Chat GPT API has been added for OpenAI support.


  • Webhooks: The webhooks now support all types of HTTP methods, including GET, POST, and OPTIONS.
  • OAuth2 with PKCE: The new release now supports OAuth2 with PKCE for apps.
  • Backend Port 3000 is no longer required in docker compose.

Bug Fixes:

  • Completed Runs Removal: Completed runs are now successfully removed from Redis.
  • Raspberry PI: The Activepieces now works on Raspberry PI.
  • Previously, clicking would always set the cursor to the end of the input, but now this issue has been fixed.


  • @tpatel created the GenerateBanner piece.
  • @creed983 updated chatgpt model.

Full Changelog: https://github.com/activepieces/activepieces/compare/0.3.4…0.3.5


Version 0.3.4

  • Pieces:

    • BannerBear: generate template
    • ClickUp: create task / post comment on task
    • RSS: Now support ATOM feeds
    • CSV: Convert CSV to JSON / Convert JSON to CSV (New)
    • FreshSales: Create Contact (New)
  • Features/Enhancements:

    • Dynamic Properties in Pieces Framework.
    • Properties in Pieces can have default value now
    • Code pieces now support Typescript :partying_face:
    • Add badge for the trigger to know if it’s polling or webhook.
    • Webhooks now have flow id as path variable and not query param.
  • Fixes:

    • Storage and HTTP pieces moved to the core tab.
    • Flow no longer throttled sequentially
  • Contributors:


Version 0.3.3 (0.3.2 with hotfix) GitHub

Breaking Changes: You need to configure AP_ENCRYPTION_KEY, and merged activepieces docker images into one. Please ensure that your docker-compose.yml is up to date as well.

  • Pieces:

    • Figma: Includes actions for getting file, getting comments, posting comments, and triggering new comments
    • Cal.Com: Includes triggers for cancelled bookings, created bookings, and rescheduled bookings
    • RSS: Includes a trigger for new items in the feed
    • Clickup: Includes actions for getting lists, creating folderless lists, getting tasks, getting task comments, and getting spaces actions
    • Wordpress: Includes actions for creating Wordpress posts and triggering new Wordpress posts
    • Github: Includes triggers for new pull requests and new issues
    • Posthog: Includes actions for capture events / creating project
    • Google Tasks: Includes actions for creating task
  • Features:

    • Auto Complete styling fixes
    • Multi select option added
    • App connections are now encrypted
  • Fixes:

    • Added full sample for Google Calendar
  • Contributors

    • @kanarelo: Enriched Github, created Posthog and Cal.Com pieces
    • @ShayPunter: Enriched Clickup piece
    • @abaza738: Created RSS feed trigger and Google Tasks piece
    • @jonaboe: Created Figma piece


Version 0.3.1 GitHub

Breaking Changes: The webhook URL is now constructed from AP_FRONTEND_URL. Please ensure that your docker-compose.yml is up to date as well.

  • Pieces:

    • Dropbox: Create File from Text / Create Folder
    • Google Drive: Create File From Text / Create Folder
    • Airtable: New Record
  • Features:

    • Added Docuemntation link in Trigger / Action, So you can easily open the documenation.
    • Created deployment scripts that generate database crednenetials
    • Add upgrade notification inside the app to be notified
  • Fixes:

    • Login now accepts password longer than 25 characters.
    • Fix refreshing oauth2, sometime they failed due to bug in isExpired method.
    • Flow worker concurency were set to 1 flow, now it’s 10 by default.
    • Reorded http methods and remove connect due it to error it make
  • Contributors

    • @kanarelo created Dropbox and Google Drive Pieces


Version 0.3.0 GitHub


Version 0.2.5 (GitHub)

A big shoutout to Osama Haikal, Kanarelo for zoom & calendar pieces
  • Pieces:

    • Google Calendar: Create Quick Event / New Event
    • Zoom: Create new Meeting Action / New Meeting Registrant
    • Todoist: Create Task Action
  • Features:

    • Add Enable Sign up Environment Variable
    • Breaking Change: Webhook Trigger now returns object contains body, headers and query params.
  • Fixes:

    • Mailchimp: the dropdown options weren’t loading.


Version 0.2.4 (GitHub)

A big shoutout to Creed983, ShahedAlMashni for their contributions to Discord and Typeform pieces
  • Pieces:

    • Discord: Send Message via Webhooks
    • Drip: New Subscriber / New Tag
    • Click Up: Create Task
    • Telegram Bot: Send Message
    • Google Contacts: New or Updated Contacts
    • Asana: Create Task
    • Calendly Piece: Invitee Created / Canceled
    • Stripe: New Customer Subscription
    • Typeform: New Form Entry
    • Hubspot: Create Or Update Contact / Add Contact to List
    • HTTP Piece
  • Features:

    • JSON Property for Actions
    • Improved UI/UX for Auto Complete
    • Authorization for Project Resources - each user accesses their own resources
  • Fixes:

    • Schedules are now automatically deleted when the flow is deleted


Version 0.2.X (GitHub)

  • Pieces:

    • Google Sheets: Insert new Row Action / New Row Trigger
    • Send Grid: Send Email Action
    • Google Contact: Add Contact Action
    • MailChimp: New Subscriber Trigger.
    • Stripe: New Payment Trigger / New Customer Trigger / Payment Failed Trigger
    • Pipedrive: New Person Trigger / New Deal Trigger / Updated Person Trigger / Updated Deal Trigger / Add Person Action
    • Blackbaud: Insert Contacts Action / List Contacts Action
  • Features:

    • App Connections are centralized in project dashboard.
    • API Key are now considered connections instead of short text.
    • Auto Complete for variables.
    • Test Flow suggest sample data for app triggers.
  • Fixes:

    • Full screen Code Editor is Fixed.
    • Triggers schedule now get deleted when the collection is deleted.
    • Trigger / Action logs is streamed to backend logs now.


Version 0.1.X (GitHub) 0.1.2

A big shoutout to Abdurahaman Zeineddin for their contributions to OpenAI and Google Cloud Vision!
  • Pieces:

    • HubSpot: Add Contact Action Added.
    • Hacker News: Get Top X Stories Action Added.
    • Google Cloud Vision: Get Text from PDF
    • Open AI: Ask Chat GPT
    • MailChimp: Add Member To List Action Added.
  • Documentation:

    • Tutorial for creating first piece added.
    • Auto generate documentation for pieces.
    • Documentation structure revamped.
  • Fixes:

    • Breaking change: send http request wrapper now returns body,headers,status instead of body only.
    • Webhook Trigger fixed.
    • Fullscreen code editor issue fixed, It wasn’t loading.
    • Webhook Url and Redirect url fixed on demo instance.
    • JWT Security key can now be supplied by environment variable or auto generated.
    • Docker Image now works on ARM architecture (MacOS).
    • Dev Container now works on ARM architecture (MacOS).