The ctx parameter inside triggers and actions provides a simple key/value storage mechanism. The storage is persistent, meaning that the stored values are retained even after the execution of the piece.

By default, the storage operates at the flow level, but it can also be configured to store values at the project level.

The storage scope is completely isolated. If a key is stored in a different scope, it will not be fetched when requested in different scope.


You can store a value with a specified key in the storage.

Example:'KEY', 'VALUE', StoreScope.PROJECT);


You can retrieve the value associated with a specific key from the storage.


const value =<string>('KEY', StoreScope.PROJECT);


You can delete a key-value pair from the storage.

Example:'KEY', StoreScope.PROJECT);

These storage operations allow you to store, retrieve, and delete key-value pairs in the persistent storage. You can use this storage mechanism to store and retrieve data as needed within your triggers and actions.