Development Setup

To set up the development environment, you can choose one of the following methods:

  • Codespaces: This is the quickest way to set up the development environment. Follow the Codespaces guide.
  • Local Environment: It is recommended for local development. Follow the Local Environment guide.
  • Dev Container: This method is suitable for remote development on another machine. Follow the Dev Container guide.

Pieces Development

To avoid making the dev environment slow, not all pieces are functional during development at first. By default, only these pieces are functional at first, as specified in AP_DEV_PIECES.

To override the default list available at first, define an AP_DEV_PIECES environment variable with a comma-separated list of pieces to make available. For example, to make google-sheets and cal-com available, you can use:

AP_DEV_PIECES=google-sheets,cal-com npm start