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Zapier alternatives with a lifetime deal (Multiple deals)

Ashraf Samhouri | Published on May 15, 2023
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If you are a lifetime deal (LTD) hunter, a deal for an automation tool would save you much money that would otherwise be spent on Zapier. Zapier's price increases insanely with your usage so it's a fair call to find a saver deal.

However, if the goal is to save money, this article will introduce you to different ways to automate your work efficiently and cost effectively. Some of the options are lifetime deals but other options are of different types that you'll love.

Zapier alternative lifetime deal

A quick explanation of this, a lifetime deal for a Zapier alternative would offer you this software for a one time payment for a lifetime. For example, you pay $99 only once and get access to the software forever. This is perfect for solopreneurs, marketers and agency that can't guarantee the return of investment on a business automation tool.

Let's explore what saver deals could be redeemed for Zapier alternatives.

Best Zapier alternative lifetime deals

1) Activepieces (Pay as you go)

Activepieces is an open-source no-code business automation tool that lets you take off days of work by automating your tasks. Because Zapier's pricing increasing very quickly and unexpectedly, Activepieces offers a better pay-as-you-go plan that shows you transparently what you'll be paying while you scale.

Activepieces offers a generous free plan with 500 - 1,000 tasks per month. It then starts counting tasks as you go getting more affordable as your tasks grow.


If you use Activepieces, you are not forced to upgrade your subscription only because of your task usage, unlike Zapier. Moreover, you can build automation flows that contain as many steps as you want rather than sticking to the free one-step plan on Zapier.

While this is not a lifetime deal, we thought it's worth mentioning since you're looking for a way to avoid the crazy pricing that you experience on Zapier.

2) Activepieces (Open source)

Yes, this is the same Activepieces, but a different plan. If you're more technical and you know how to self-host software on your own server, this is another option that is free lifetime.

Activepieces is an open source workflow automation tool. If you visit its docs or GitHub, you will find instructions on how to host it by yourself, free forever.


3) Pabbly Connect

Pabbly is famous specifically for offering a lifetime deal for their automation software called Pabbly Connect. Their deals are not the typical $29 or $99 deals, they are more expensive and usually split into different packages. They normally start at $498 up to $1,498 (as I'm writing this today).

Pabbly offers an experience so close to your experience with Zapier. Since it's not as profitable as Zapier, you should expect it to be less polished. In fact, I heard some users calling Pabbly Connect with this exact description: It looks unpolished.

If you're on Pabbly Connect, you'll see an interface similar to this one:


I took a screenshot of the current pricing of Pabbly Connect, it could be different at the time you're reading this, but it can give you a general idea on their pricing:


4) Integrately Lifetime Deal (Discontinued)

Integrately is an automation tool that was famous for running a lifetime deal for its product. However, this deal seems to have been stopped and you can't purchase it anymore.

You can follow them to keep an eye for any new lifetime deals, it's not uncommon that companies who run lifetime deals to run them again in the future. Integrately has many apps on it and a simple user interface that could potentially help you automate your business.

If you're curious about Integrately's old lifetime deal packages, here is a screenshot from their last campaign:


5) Open source alternatives to Zapier

Following the second item in our list, you might be interested in more open source options similar to Zapier to host them by yourself. For this reason, we've compiled a detailed list of these open source Zapier alternatives that you will love.